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A Message from the Founders of Siteshine

DECEMBER 2012 — When we started Siteshine late 2009, our mission was clear: to help individuals and small businesses craft a beautiful and compelling online presence that would enable their visions and goals to succeed. Three years later, our mission has not changed, but the manner in which we accomplish that mission has. In Silicon Valley parlance, we have "pivoted" to a new business model. Jared White, Siteshine's co-founder, is still working as a software consultant in the Ruby on Rails world, but we are putting all our extra focus into one product:


Mariposta: iPad Publishing SoftwareMariposta is iPad publishing software for the masses. A new web publishing platform designed for mere mortals, it is inspired by the digital magazine, tablet-optimized, mobile-friendly, and visually stunning. Get started using it without having to pay a web developer to set you up or walk you through complex screens. With a number of graphical themes & layouts to chose from, you can create all kinds of amazing publications: catalogs, brochures, magazines, galleries, portfolios, presentations, and blogs. It runs like a dream on the iPad, yet it also works on PCs & Macs as well as smartphones.

Sign up today for the 14-day free trial. No credit card required. Mariposta iPad Publishing Software

We couldn't be more excited about the direction of our company and the roadmap for Mariposta. We are working on integrations with other popular online services, the best solution for dead-simple e-commerce, and a whole lot more for the future.

All the best,

Jared & Rosemary White